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Birmingham HMOs Article 4 June 2020

HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupancy) are considered permitted development for up to 6 non-related people living in a single dwelling. However, some councils across the country have been given the authority under Article 4 to remove those permitted development rights.

Birmingham City Council has decided to implement Article 4 meaning that any HMO, even under 6 bedrooms, will require full planning permission from June 8th 2020.

If you already have a property which is currently being used as a HMO then you need to notify the City council before this date or you may be required to submit full planning permission. You can notify the council by clicking on the link below.

Evidence is required to prove that the property has been used as a HMO. The criteria for 'evidence' is not clearly specified but tenancy agreements or council tax statements should suffice;

If you want to convert your property under existing permitted development rules then its important to remember that the property must not only be converted but also occupied by between 3-6 people before the deadline. Only then should you notify the council, before 8th June.

So what if you need to apply for full planning? Certain criteria and requirements do not apply to permitted development applications such as parking and minimum room sizes. This is why converting using permitted development is considered to be easier than under full planning.

Spark Design and Planning has assisted many landlords with converting their properties to HMO. Quality drawings showing proposed floor plans and specifications are essential for an efficient conversion.

Get in touch with us for Design and Planning advice;

Spark Design and Planning

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